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Top Rated Air Compressor Brands

Top Rated Air Compressor Brands

Presently there are a large number of air compressor brands, models and types on the market, but which ones are recognized as the top rated air compressor brands?

Within the industrial air compressor market there are a lot less brands to choose from, however, when you look at the home or small shop air compressor market there a literally hundreds of different makes and models to choose from.

Despite the size, make and model of your air compressor there’s a good chance that you’ll eventually need access to some specific parts for replacement. If you have an unbranded or lesser known compressor the replacement parts can often be hard to find (even online) and you’ll be left with a broken compressor and no way to repair it.

Some of the best portable air compressor brands are listed below, this is by no means a comprehensive list but it should give you an idea of the most popular ones.


Stanley Bostitch:

In 1896 Thomas Briggs established the Boston Wire Stitcher Company in Arlington, Massachusetts. The manufacturing plant produced the first portable stapling machines. In 1948, the company changed its name to Bostitch.

Today, Stanley Bostich manufactures a vast array of fastening tools such as staplers, nail guns and riveters. They also manufacture a variety of air compressors and fastening consumables such as staples, nails and screws.

They are now a subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker.

Air Compressor Brands


For almost 60 years SENCO have been manufacturing high quality professional tools. The company now produces a range of air compressors, nail guns, staplers, screw guns, and fasteners. The company is based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

On August 08, 2017 SENCO was acquired by the Kyocera Corporation, and will now be a part of Kyocera’s Global Cutting Tool Division, whose headquarters are in in Kyoto, Japan.

Senco air compressor

Porter Cable:

Porter Cable Porter-Cable is an American organization that makes numerous types of tools such as; air compressors, generators, cordless and corded power tools, woodworking machinery and saws. The business was established in 1906 and is known for inventing and producing some ground breaking power tools, such as the first portable belt sander, helical-drive circular saw, and portable band saw.

Black & Decker (now Stanley Black & Decker) acquired Porter-Cable in 2004, along with Delta Machinery, DeVilbiss Air Power, and others.  

Air Compressor Brand Names


Rolair are an American company with a manufacturing plant in Wisconsin. Rolair was formed in 1959 and unlike most of the other manufacturers they only make compressors and it is something that they do very well too.

Their impressive product base includes a wide range of; Hand Carry, Wheeled and Stationary air compressors. Available as either Gas or Electric powered.

With 39 different models available, you will be sure to find one to suit your needs.



The original company was started in 1936 by Raymond DeWalt. Black and Decker bought the company in 1960. Dewalt now manufacture over 200 different power tools and 800 accessories.

In 2002, DeWalt discontinued all tool manufacturing in the USA and transferred production to Mexico and China. In November 2013, Dewalt issued a press release stating that it was bringing some tool assembly back to the USA, under the banner of “Built in the USA with global materials”.

Portable Air Compressor Brands



Formed in 1915, the Makita Corporation is a Japanese company that produces a range of power tools, air compressors and accessories.

Makita operates factories in Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, Romania, United Kingdom, Germany and the United States.

Four of the six air compressors that Makita produce feature the “Big Bore” technology, which features a Cast iron cylinder with greater bore and stroke for maximum performance.

Makita is now a worldwide brand that many tradesmen swear by. Quality and Reliability are synonymous with the Makita range of products.

Makita brand

Ingersoll Rand:

Established in 1871, Ingersoll Rand manufactures a wide range of products, from mining equipment to golf carts. The air compressors that Ingersoll Rand manufactures range from large industrial products to small hand carry compressors.

With a reputation for producing heavy duty machines, Ingersoll Rand is definitely one of the brands to consider when shopping for a compressor.

Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor


Good air compressor brands will always make spares available so customers can save money by not having to replace the whole air compressor. Most of above listed air compressor manufacturers supply parts that are readily available online.

If you take a look at the top selling air compressors on you will see all of the above brands listed on the first few pages, this is due to the fact that the brand name compressors tend to be built using better quality parts and the spares are easily obtainable.

Another reason to choose a branded compressor is the customer service. All of the above companies have a dedicated customer service center to assist you if there is a problem with the product.

And finally, there’s the guarantee. Buying cheap may at the time seem like you are getting a bargain, however, will the guarantee be honored if anything goes wrong? Probably not!

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