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Rolair VT25BIG Portable Air Compressor Review

rolair-vt25big-portable-air-compressor-reviewWith a reputation for outstanding quality, Rolair have produced a range of machines to suit every type of application. Read our Rolair VT25BIG review to discover if the contractor grade air compressor lives up to the positive customer reviews it has received.

Although the compressor is manufactured and assembled abroad, Rolair are keen to point out that every single compressor is built to their exacting specifications and then shipped to the Wisconsin Rolair factory for rigorous quality controls before distribution.

Rolair vt25big reviewMotor and Pump:

The Rolair VT25BIG features a big 2.5 Horsepower, direct drive motor that runs at 3,400 RPM. The motor also features a low draw of 13.8 amps to reduce the possibility of tripped breakers when running from a standard circuit.

With a 100% duty cycle the compressor is ideal for the busy contractor who requires more on demand air power. The motor is also overload protected and has a manual reset button that will allow you to get up and running again very quickly.

The industrial grade pump fills the 5.3 gallon tank from 0 – 135 PSI in an amazingly quick 75 seconds and recharges from 110 – 135 PSI in just a few seconds. Producing a massive 6.5 SCFM @ 90 Psi, the compressor can power multiple nail guns at the same time.

The oil lubricated pump also features stainless steel reed valves and a cast iron cylinder to ensure smooth running and an extended motor/pump life span.

Another nice feature is the oil level window in the end of the crank case that allows the user to clearly see the level and top up if necessary. Weighing in at 108 LBS the Rolair is not a light machine, but, as it’s built like a tank, I suppose the extra weight is only to be expected with such a heavy duty machine.

Rolair VT25BIG review video

Design & Build: The design of the Rolair is simple and uncomplicated, but at the same time, built with the contractor in mind. The large pneumatic tires that allow the user to easily transport the compressor over rough or uneven ground and the easy to fold handle all add to the top quality features. With a sturdy, tubular steel frame that runs around the entire machine, there is plenty of protection against accidental damage and when the handle is folded down the top of the compressor is doubly protected.

The only negative aspect that I could find on the design side was the fact that the folding handle cannot be locked in the down position to stop it from bouncing around when transporting it in a vehicle.

The build quality of the VT25BIG is, without a doubt, excellent. The whole construction is very heavy duty and solid. This machine has been built to withstand the typical abuse that site compressors are sometimes subject to.


The Rolair VT25BIG controls are housed on a sturdy metal plate that sits above the top of the air storage tank. TheRolair VT25BIG control panel two gauges (tank pressure and line pressure) are recessed into the housing to protect them from damage.

The line pressure regulator is large, easy to turn and has a setting ring to lock the pressure if required. A pair of universal quick couplers are also housed on the control panel and allow the use of two (or more with a manifold) air tools at the same time.

The other noteworthy features are the tap style drain valve that allows for easy tank draining and the cord tidy that allows the user to secure the power cord when transporting or storing the compressor.


Emitting 90 decibels the compressor is on the loud side, but for this grade of compressor it’s about average. Most of the customer reviews have either not mentioned the noise level or have commented that it’s not too bad. If you do find that the noise is excessive the obvious answer is to use a long hose and locate the compressor well away from the work area.


  • 6.5 CFM at 90 psi
  • 3400 RPM motor
  • Splash Lubrication to ensure longer pump life
  • 5.3 Gallon tank capacity
  • Cast iron Cylinder


  • No way to lock handle in the down position.
  • Quite heavy to lift into vehicle or carry upstairs Quite Noisy if working in close proximity


The Rolair VT25BIG has been Purpose designed for the professional contractor. The compressor produces a massive 6.5 CFM @ 90 PSI, which is enough to power several nail guns at the same time.

If you are looking for a contractor grade air compressor that is well built, portable and has the power to cope with a wide variety of jobs, you may just have found it!

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Updated: April 26, 2017 — 2:00 pm
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