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Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9 Review

An in-depth Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9 Review that will give you the facts, figures and best prices on this powerful little work horse. Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9 review Despite the Ingersoll’s drab colors, underneath the paintwork is a powerful little work horse that will suit many contractors and DIY enthusiasts.

Ingersoll Rand have a reputation for building robust, long lasting products that produce the power to get the job done, on this score the P1IU-A9 does not disappoint.

Motor & Performance:

The 2 HP motor pressurizes the 4 gallon twin stack tanks to a maximum combined pressure of 135 PSI and delivers an output of 4.3 SCFM @ 90 PSI and 3.2 SCFM @ 135 PSI.

The P1IU-A9 has also been designed for 100% continuous duty, making the Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9 stand out as one of the top performing machines within the portable compressor market.

The tanks fill from empty to max pressure in about 60 – 70 seconds and about 10 – 15 seconds to re-pressurize. Now that is quick to say the least.


The Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9 incorporates a cast iron cylinder for extra durability and an oil lubricated pump, which means that you will have to check and eventually replace the oil, but oil lubricated pumps tend to last a lot longer than their oil free counterparts. If a compressor is to be used on a regular basis, oil lubricated is the way to go.





Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9

Build & Design:

The Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9 is built like a tank and should withstand a lot of job-site punishment. The 1″ Square tubing that runs underneath the compressor and loops around the steel plate of the control panel is designed to protect the vulnerable parts from getting damaged and give the engine and pump a solid base to sit on.

The air filter is well designed and looks like it will stop any type of dust or debris from entering into the pump. The P1IU-A9 also features a plastic, slotted motor cover that will protect against any light knocks and accidental damage to the area.

The motor is rubber mounted to the base plate and the four feet are also made of rubber, this combination reduces vibration of the compressor to a bare minimum. The rubber grip carry handle is welded to the bottom of the frame and also the compressor tanks, making it feel very sturdy. The weight distribution when lifting the compressor is even and well balanced. All in all, a very well designed and built machine.

Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9


The instrument / control panel that houses the two gauges, pressure output control valve and the two quick disconnect couplers is constructed of steel plate and is very solid.

The Gauges are easy to read and have been recessed into the panel for extra protection against damage.

The control valve knob is easy to operate and large enough to be able to turn it whilst wearing gloves. The major bonus here are the two quick disconnect couplers, allowing 2 air tools to be run simultaneously.


At 85 dBA, the machine is quite noisy. But, when you consider that it is a 2 HP motor that produces some serious power, the noise is only to be expected. If you were to use the compressor in a small shop or inside an enclosed area, ear protection is advisable. Or you could use longer hoses and distance the machine from the work area.


Although, at 77 LBS it is not the lightest twin tank compressor on the market, the build quality and sturdy design more than make up for the extra weight. If you are going to be constantly moving the compressor around then the use of a hand truck or dolly may be the ideal solution, they are available on here and cost from $15 upwards. The color?


For sheer rugged power, this machine is a clear winner. With a 100% duty cycle, high output and quick recharge time, the P1IU-A9 is a heavy duty contractor compressor that will run a pair of medium CFM requirement tools without a problem.

On the plus side this machine is built like a tank, literally. On the negative side, as mentioned earlier, being so robust and well-built does add to the weight, which, if you need to constantly move the compressor around may become a bit of a burden.

Overall, the build quality and overall design are both excellent, as is the performance of the machine. If you are looking for a durable, rugged contractor grade, portable air compressor, the Ingersoll Rand should be on your shortlist.


Updated: September 21, 2017 — 2:07 pm
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