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California Air Tools CAT-4610AC Review

In this California Air Tools CAT-4610AC review we will be looking at one of the quietest and most portable compressors available on the market.

The 4610AC is an update of the now discontinued 4610A. So, what’s changed in the new model? The main difference in the updated version is the inclusion of the new SP Series of extremely quiet & oil-free air compressor motors that have been engineered to improve duty cycle to enable extended continuous periods of use. Designed to dissipate the heat better, the new design of motors enables a much cooler operation, decreasing wear and maximizing operating life before a service.

California Air Tools Side View

  • Ultra quiet only 60 decibels
  • Oil-Free pump for less maintenance & costs
  • Lightweight for easy transporting
  • Extra large dual piston pump for increased compression
  • 4.6 Gallon (Rust Free) aluminum twin tank
  • 3.10 CFM @ 40 PSI 2.20 CFM @ 90 PSI Maximum Pressure – 120 PSI

Motor & Performance

The 110V, 7.6 Amp, 1 HP motor runs at only 1680 RPM which produces a lot less noise and vibration than some of the comparable compressors on the market.

The California Air Tools 4610AC features twin stacked, aluminum, 4.6 gallon tanks that have a maximum pressure of 120 Psi. The output at 90 Psi is 2.35 CFM and at 40 Psi 3.80 CFM. Overall that’s not too bad for a 1 HP motor.

Time to fill tank from empty to Max 120 Psi approximately 130 Seconds and recovery time from 90 PSI to 120 PSI is approximately 30 Seconds.


The California Air Tools 4610AC Features a dual piston oil free pump that has been designed for less maintenance, use on uneven terrains and in different temperature ranges.

Build and DesignCalifornia Air Tools CAT-4610AC Review

Both the build and design of the 4610AC seem to be very good. The main frame that runs underneath and over the top of the compressor is make of thick tubular steel and should withstand a few knocks.

The instrument panel is bolted to the frame and is also very solid. The motor is mounted on rubber bushes and the compressors feet are also made of rubber, reducing both noise and vibration from the machine. The rubber grip carry handle is a part of the framework and as such it is also very secure.

The twin aluminum tanks help to reduce the weight of the compressor to a very manageable 44 Lbs. When lifted, the weight is evenly balanced which makes moving the compressor between locations very effortless.


The metal instrument panel houses the tank air pressure gauge, outlet pressure gauge, air pressure regulator knob and two universal quick couplers. The gauges are clear, large and easy to read and the regulator is large enough to be operated easily.

Having watched the video below I was absolutely blown away (no pun intended) by the quietness of the California Air Tools 4610AC when compared to other compressors. Take a look and let me know what you think.


  • Lightweight (45.5 Lbs) and portable Aluminum rust free tanks
  • Very low noise (60 db)
  • 2 universal quick couplers
  • Solid construction
  • Small size (H-20″ x W-17″ x D17″)


No duty cycle listed. For low to medium CFM air tools the 4610AC should cope just fine, but it may not be powerful enough for some high CFM usage air tools.


When there are many other air compressors with similar specifications to the 4610AC, why would you consider checking out the Amazon customer reviews? Well, there are a few features that the CAT-4610AC has that some of the other comparable compressors may not have.

The first and most obvious point is the ultra-low noise level. At 60db it is very quiet, which is a big selling point if you are using it in an enclosed space or where it may annoy others.  

Another bonus are the twin Aluminum air storage tanks. Being Aluminum as opposed to steel reduces the possibility of rust in the tanks. Although, the tanks still have to be drained on a regular basis to expel the water within the tanks. There is a Steel tank model available, but for approximately only $10 more the Aluminum tanks are well worth the extra cost.

As for the price, it is comparable with a lot of the other compressors with similar specs.

The California Air Tools CAT-4610AC is a great little compressor for light to medium DIY and contractor work in a home or shop. The compressor is light, quiet and portable and at this price, a real bargain.

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Updated: October 31, 2019 — 6:18 pm
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