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Welcome to Best Air Compressor. Our aim is to provide portable air compressor and car tire inflator reviews that are Best Air Compressorin-depth, easy to understand and will enable you to choose the perfect compressor for your particular needs.

With all the different makes and models of air compressors on the market, which one will be the best air compressor for you? Well, although there are many points to take into consideration when choosing an air compressor.  The buying decision can be quickly narrowed down by establishing exactly what tasks you need the machine to perform and cross matching the different models to meet your requirements.

As an example; if you are a looking for a contractor air compressor that will provide enough air to power 2 nail guns, the requirements would be completely different to the person looking to buy a small compressor that will be used for inflating or small home jobs. What may be the best air compressor for one person may not be right for another.

Our portable air compressor reviews page explains how to narrow down your search for an air compressor, which could help you save both time and money. Buying an underpowered compressor could see you buying a more powerful model and buying an overpowered compressor will likely be a waste of money. The page also has a complete air compressor buyer guide that gives some great information when choosing an air compressor.

Below are just some of the key points you should be looking at before buying an air compressor

  1. Identify your requirements. What jobs will you use the compressor for? Bear in mind that air tools such as drills and chisels will require a larger output compressor.
  2. How much do you want to spend? Having a clear idea of the sort of money you want to spend will greatly narrow down your choices.
  3. Do you need a package that includes all the accessories (air line, adaptors etc) or are you upgrading and already have these?
  4. Is noise an issue? If you are going to use the machine in an enclosed area or in a public environment you may want to look for a quiet air compressor.
  5. Do you need to carry the compressor around? If so, you may want to search for a lightweight air compressor, or use a dolly cart.
  6. Will the machine need to fit into a vehicle? If you need to transport the compressor it would be wise to check the dimensions before buying.
  7. Do you intend to use the compressor indoors or in an enclosed area? If the answer is “yes” to either of these questions, you should be looking for a mains powered compressor that won’t emit poisonous fumes.
  8. Will the compressor need to be used where there is no electric supply? If so you should be looking for a Gas powered compressor.

When you have narrowed down your list the best place to visit is The user reviews on Amazon are written by actual purchasers of the product and are an invaluable source of information regarding the quality, performance and reliability of the product. Also, if you have a specific query that has not been addressed in our portable air compressor reviews or in the Amazon user reviews, you can post the question on Amazon and wait for the replies to come back. Amazon is a great tool to use when narrowing down your search.

Buyer Beware

Not all compressors are made equal, buying a cheap or unbranded model may seem like a bargain at the time, however, if you need spare parts, will they be available? If the compressor breaks down within the warranty period, will the manufacturer repair or replace it under the terms of the guarantee? In fact, will the manufacturer or importer still be in business? All too often these bogus companies will import thousands of compressors, sell them, and then disappear without a trace, leaving the buyers with no redress at all.

Listed below are some of the top air compressor manufacturers.  By selecting a compressor that has been built by a one of these manufacturers, you can be sure of the availability of spares and a guarantee that is worth the paper it is written on.


Manufacturers of portable air compressors

Campbell Hausfeld












Jenny Air Compressor







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